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John’s presentation on zoo photography with our camera club was excellent! John not only shared some of his beautiful photos, but also went into great detail on how he captured each image. John’s passion for wild animals and photography come to life in his photos and he’s more than willing to share his talent and knowledge. Our club thought it was one of the best presentations we have had and got so inspired they want to plan a trip to our local zoo this weekend!

Jan Stoothoff, Castle Craig Program Director

John Scalera presented to the Essex Photo Club a program featuring his incredible photos taken of zoo animals.  John showed that one doesn't have to spend thousands of dollars to travel to exotic places in order to capture the images of some truly majestic animals.  Many of his photos were taken at a zoo venue not far from where our members live and so motivated us to visit soon.  He covered the equipment and techniques required to achieve better than satisfactory results. What came through in the talk was not only his knowledge of photography but also his compassion for the subjects that he photographs.  His presentation is unique and inspirational.

Warren Marchioni, Essex Photo Club


John captivated and educated our photography club with his zoo photography presentation. He shared an amazing amount of information on not just photography but also awareness of the stresses on the animals and mindfulness towards your fellow zoo visitors. His easy going manner and wonderful photographs makes this presentation helpful and engaging for all levels of photographers.

Jenny Wolf , Program Coordinator North County Photographic Society

John shared his Zoo Photography presentation remotely with Charlotte Camera Club, and it was well received by all attendees. He covered all aspects of photographing animals at a zoo in a detailed, easy-to-understand format, and his images were inspiring. 

Lorraine Shannon, Charlotte Camera Club, President


John presented his zoo photography presentation to the North Haven Camera Club last night and it was a night not to be forgotten.  John was engaging and shared his knowledge and tips on zoo photography.  At the end, he was available to answer any and all questions the club members asked of him.  I, personally, was encouraged and motivated to plan a visit to the Beardsley Zoo next week to practice what I learned.  I hope with practice, I can take stunning and amazing pictures of zoo animals like John does.

Cindy O'Neil, North Haven Camera Club  

The program you shared tonight with our "Grand Rapids Camera Club" was simply amazing!  We had 39 people attend and you had us enthralled  by your breathtaking captures and incredible images.


Thanks so very much for allowing Grand Rapids to benefit at your experience and details of shots so well done. You have a gift! and a great eye for God's creatures.


In this crazy age of Covid...thank you for educating us to ideas that can be found right here in our home town, what a blessing!


Kindest regards,

Evie Carrier, Grand Rapids Camera Club

John Scalera gave a Zoom presentation about Zoo Photography to the members of the Cleveland Photographic Society.  His presentation was very entertaining and highly informative.  He showed us some stunning images, but most importantly provided insights and valuable information about what it takes to make quality images at a zoo.  His love for animals, as well as his desire to keep a trip to the zoo a rewarding experience for all, was very obvious during his entire presentation.  If your club is looking for a quality speaker with beautiful images and great insights, I highly recommend John Scalera.
Mike Kopkas, President of the Cleveland Photographic Society

Your presentation to our photo club was spot on.  We had very good feedback from our members who attended via Zoom.  We have a major zoo inMilwaukee and your intimate poses of the animals was enlightening for them.  I am sure that your techniques in shooting and processing will be put to good use by our members.  Keep up the good work!
Don Weltzien, Program Director, Unlimited Vision Photo Club, Inc.


The presentation was great last night.  We have not had many photographers do nature programs for us.  I think most of us felt that unless we go on an African safari or some other exotic trip, we're not going to be able to get good shots of interesting animals.  Your program gave us all the tips and motivation for getting wonderful photos of animals as well as enjoying a great day with the family too! 

Sue Frechette, Secretary, Coastal Camera Club

John Scalera took our members on a virtual tour of some of his favorite zoological parks and introduced us to his numerous furry (and feathered) friends. We were able to get "up close and personal" through his stunning portraits of these fascinating creatures. John was generous in sharing his photography tips and tricks, explaining in detail how he was able to create these stunning images despite the bars and barricades of their enclosures. We highly recommend that you take a "trip" with John, then take your zoo photography to the next level.

Karen Taylor Davis, Publicity Director, Camera Club of Richmond, Virginia

"John presented at Merrimack  Valley Camera Club in January 2021. His presentation was thorough and well-organized, giving many tips for improving photography in the zoo environment. Additionally, John is a friendly and engaging speaker and a fine photographer. Our members were very pleased with his program." 

John presented his zoo photography lecture to Nashoba Valley Photo Club on December 8, 2020 via zoom.  John's presentation was very well prepared and his tips and techniques for capturing impactful images are going to be very helpful for many or our members as we have a zoo photography theme in an upcoming club salon.  He also discussed a typical outing with regard to how he plans his day at the zoo.  His many outstanding color and black and white images of beautiful animals were emotionally inspiring.  John also spent a good deal of time answering any and all questions from our membership.  John also presented us the entire presentation for our club to have and refer to at any time in the future.  Many members of our club were appreciative and provided me with very positive feedback.  I can highly recommend John's presentation to other photography clubs. 

Meyer Franklin, President, Nashoba Valley Photo Club

John Scalera gave the Monroe Photography Club his "Zoo Photography" presentation on 12/16/2020.

His presentation was well thought out and kept the interest of our members. His photography is beautiful, and he gave us very detailed tips from when to go, what to bring, and how to shoot at a Zoo.  He also gave us some tips on post-processing using Lightroom.  We will certainly invite him back for another presentation.


Vince Minkler, President, Monroe Photography Club

Great Presentation!

Bill Stekelberg, President, Livermore Valley Camera Club

I chair the committee for speakers and presenters for the Pocono Photo Club.  We were happy to have John’s presentation on zoo photography last evening.  I believe it was enjoyed by all and a useful presentation for everyone.  Not everyone can travel to exotic places to get animal shots to awe their viewers.  He shows us that we can get these beautiful photos wherever you are even while enjoying time with your family.  His work is outstanding and his knowledge of the animals he photographs is great.  He is an engaging speaker with a true passion for the genre of photography he is doing.  Thank you John!

Sarina Cook, Committee Chair for Speakers & Presenters for the Pocono Photo Club

If you are considering John as a speaker for your photo club I would highly recommend his program on Zoo Photography.  It is both informative and inspirational.  A background in teaching gives John an advantage in presenting the tips and tricks for obtaining spectacular animal portraits in a confined zoo environment in a concise and easy to understand format.  Both the beginner and advanced members of your club will take away something from this program.  Examples of his award-winning photos provide the opportunity to discuss equipment, physical challenges and settings to achieve similar results in your own photography.  The Pocono Photo Club highly recommends John to anyone who is considering a lecture on animal portraits- zoo or otherwise.

Ann H. LeFevre, President. Pocono Photo Club

John, Thank you so much for your presentation on Zoo Photography!  It was well presented & totally engaging!  The information was just right.  Lots of positive feedback from our members.  Personally, I loved it & have a trip to our Staten Island Zoo planned.  Let's keep that hands on workshop in mind!  Stay well & thanks,

Louise Rossi, Treasurer. Gateway Camera Club


On behalf of the members of Mayslake Nature Study and Photography club, thanks for a great and informative presentation.

Your style of presentation where you inter-dispersed images with the techniques was unique and interesting - I could not take my eyes off the screen! I am sure our members took away some great tips.

Lets keep in touch.

Ramu, Vice President, North Dakota Camera Club

Very informative and great images.  I am sure our members got a lot out of your presentation.

Steve Ornberg, President, Mayslake Nature Study & Photography Club

I hired John for lessons in Light Room.  I found him to be an extremely knowledgeable, effective and unfailingly positive and supportive instructor. He was also dependable and flexible as to scheduling, his rates were very reasonable, and I would recommend him as a wonderful teacher without hesitation.

John Beasley, Sparta Camera Club Member

Having recently completed your Photoshop 101 course in Sparta, I am writing to thank you and recommend the course and you to others.I enjoyed the course tremendously. I learned a ton and had a great time doing so. While you obviously know Photoshop inside out, what made the classes special was your enthusiasm and ability to convey Photoshop’s staggering potential. I looked forward to each class and only wished the course had been more than six weeks. Again, thanks so much. It was a pleasure.

Bob Kochenthal, Sparta Camera Club Member

John Scalera is an excellent instructor.   I took his Photoshop class through the Sparta, NJ  Parks and Recreation Department. John provides expert detailed instruction during the class.   One of his major strengths as an instructor is his willingness to provide help with individual projects. I learned to find tune vintage black and white photos for a professional project due to John's help.

Nancy Madacsi, Sparta Camera Club Member

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