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John Scalera is an award winning photographer who specializes in zoo photography hailing from the hills of Northern New Jersey.  His fascination and passion for animals began at a very early age and continues today through his work. His viewers experience a very deep and personal relationship with the subjects he photographs.  The beauty and expression of each animal is effortless expressed in each photograph.


Artist Statement


Wildlife and Nature have always been an integral part of my life.  The World is such a magical and extraordinary place, a sanctuary for life from the smallest insects to the giants who cruise the deepest oceans.  A powerful, oftentimes inexplicable bond has been forged between all living beings, and when I observe it through my camera lens, it brings me an unparalleled sense of awe:  The stoic poise of a lioness relaxing in the sun in the late afternoon, the intensity of a jaguar's stare, or the mischievous play of lowland gorillas.  It's my hope that my photography captures the majesty of those intimate moments that I am fortunate to bear witness.